Wandering Through Romania: Rabid Dogs & Crazy Drivers


Rabid Dogs and Crazy Truckers

After watching the sunset and going on a few adventurous walks, we decided to walk home from town instead of catching a taxi. On this walk, we passed barking dogs behind fences, some pretty gardens, traditional gypsies hanging out on the side of the road, a horse and its calf on a little stroll, a train, and then we encountered a couple things that made me jump out of my skin a little. There may or may not have been a couple of gypsy kids laughing at me too.

Let me explain.

One thing about Romania that’s a little different is the driving habits the people have. It’s not that there aren’t any rules, it’s just the driving culture here I guess. Eventually you get used to the ridiculous speeds people ‘cruise’ by you in, but it still really catches me off guard. The sidewalk at this point in our journey back home wasn’t really a sidewalk anymore either, just a small path on the side of the road, so the cars speeding by already had my guard up a little.

We were just strolling along and chatting at this point, and I think I was even telling a story. I must have been really into telling this story, because what happened next came out of nowhere.

All I remember is looking up and suddenly this giant German shepherd is charging at us with no collar, leash or anything. I FREAKED out, TURNED around, and RAN back, which in hinds sight was a HORRIBLE idea! When I had turned around and started running behind the girls, a truck was speeding by on the road I was almost running onto. It proceeded to SLAM on its horn as I was just a couple feet away from it, then, I fell into the girls, pushed them towards the dog, and clamped my ears shut, and proceeded to scream in fear. Keep in mind all of this happened in the matter of two seconds, so my life literally flashed before my eyes.

We are laughing about it now, because the dog was absolutely harmless.

Romania is full of fun adventures!






2 thoughts on “Wandering Through Romania: Rabid Dogs & Crazy Drivers

  1. Carmen Dunn says:

    God bless you sweet girl for walking with God and blessing so many people. You were not alone, for He was with you and had a smile on His face as He said to you “well done my faithful servant”. I am sue you touched a lot of lifes and will be remembered forever. May God continue to bless and guide you. We missed you at church. ❤️❤️❤️


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